Friday, October 14, 2005

Week 1-Take 5-#1

I'm finding that I'm still trying to get down the little things of being a teacher. I feel like the whole teaching profession is still new to me, and it is kind of. The time crunch is always something that plays on my mind; how am I going to get this done? But, I think being new to all of this is only going to make me better and more compentent in my own skinwith what I teach. When it comes to my classroom, I have taken on new strategies to apply them to constructivist ideals. In my American Literature class, I had students ask questions of their reading, having them pick out what was important and we did a fishbowl for 2 of the acts. It was tremendous for me to sit back and watch my students interact with one another, feed off each others' comments and questions, taking their own notes that were relevant to them, holding each other accountable for what they say, and responding to the discussion in their own way that gave them their own individual meaning to the story. The greatest part of it was that they did all the work; and I just scored them. Thanks Ann Smith!


Blogger Hatak said...

Sounds like you are on your way to being a constructivist teacher (educator). I wish that I had teachers that took these kind of approaches in the classroom. Perhaps I would be in English and not in science.....or not.

I think that this approach to teaching becomes easier the more you do it. The comfort level goes up for sure. If you keep trying new things, at least the students see you as a learner also.

Keep up the great work.

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