Monday, October 17, 2005

Week 2-Take 5-#1

I was thinking about the constructivist approach and I was wondering if I currently implement some of these techniques in the class; and I found that I do do many activities where the studetns are creating their own meaning and taking charge of their own learning. I never wanted to be the teacher who stood up in front of a class and just lectured and the studetns sat there never responding, just listening.
However, in order to get what we desire from students, I beleive we have to lead them the way first. We need to give them the skills and tools to use in order to create authentic learning. Teaching reading strategies, I always tell my kids that many of them truly don't know how to think for themselves, questioning ideals and issues, showing curiosity. So, I have to show them how. Creating meaning isn't done in isolation. We have to model the how-to's. Yes, I want my students actively thinking about my content, but they have to learn HOW to think about it. I think the ultimate goal of learning is to create meaning so that we better understand/comprehend subjects/topics/the world around us and how that fits into our own world. Students need the proper guidance to get them to that place.


Blogger Karl Fisch said...

I agree. I think that too often, however, we don't always think about what we are teaching, why we are teaching it, and how we are teaching it. I think that just the fact that you are going back and thinking about what you're doing is going to generate lots of new thoughts and ideas for you and help all of us focus on getting the students to create their own meaning.

11:27 AM  
Blogger annes said...

I totally agree that we have to lead the way for our students to follow. We have to start the journey and allow them to be participants in their learning not just regurgitators of information.

1:58 PM  

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