Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I just wanted to note that in my last mentor meeting we discussed what went well and what challenged us during school year and what we needed for next year. And one of my answers was that I needed my students to continue to have open minds regarding their learning and the way I approach them to teach. My kids have been great this year letting me try new things and I truly appreciate their willingness to let me try out methods that may or may not work. I feel grateful that we have such wonderful students who can take on some challenges. I hope it continues.

Subscription Services

I really hope that these services do not go away. I use these consistently with my classes and they have been extremely beneficial. I will continue to introduce my students to them at the beginning of the year and make them practice finding information for summary responses and using it for their ALIS and position papers. I think I will have them use it more regarding finding relevant information that is reliable instead of just solely ofcuing on search engines like google. Overall, I feel like I have integrated these into my classes, but I need to do it more frequently so that it becomes imbedded in their heads.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I don't know about you guys, but I am very nervous for these surveys-at least the response portion of them. It will be great to receive feedback and see if any of the changes I have made in my class made a difference in how my kids learn and comprehend the units. I truly beleive that my kids were open to the new techniques I was trying, even if some of them failed. But, I guess that's what practice is for and we move on and improve upon what we can. I am hopeful that at least one student will have seen my purpose and have benefited from it; if there are more, then so be it. Either way, I feel like it's a success. At least I tried new things.