Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Week 6-Take 5-#1

Hello all! Michele and I were talking yesterday about the ALIS project, and how our students seem to not remember the writing process when they come into the next level. She had said that students aren't owning their learning with their writing, and we fly through it so quick that it's hard to retain. Do we give up other curriculum aspects and replace them with these slower, more detailed writing lessons? I see it across the board in all classes and all levels. Does it just slip out once the summer hits? Are they not putting in the effort to establish good habits? Or do they just not get it?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Week 5-Take 5-#2

Let me just say I'm overwhelmed. If I lay any responsibility in the hands of my fresh, most of them have no clue what to do with it. It's taking a lot (but well-needed) time to get them to see the big picture in taking charge of their own education. I let them have free reign in creativity and what they want to present-I tell them,"Make it your own" and they still look at me like I'm nuts. It's like Terry Sale always says, "Nothing is easy for freshman." But, I will not give up; they are all capable of individual thought and thinking and I continue to tell them that!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Week 5-Take 5 #1

The class is blogging! It's funny though, some kids are excited about it, others aren't-I had one student comment that he thought this was "girly". I'm not sure what that means, but I hope they see later how this could be useful and that tech integration is something new and could benefit their thoughts and skills in the long run. I think some of them beleive it's torture and I am trying to punish them. However, it's Friday-sometimes school is just not cool! But, I think it went more smoothly than I had anticipated, even though they were chatty. Their responses to my prompt (which was about how the class ahd been going) was an eye opener, yet made me feel good. Majority of it was positive, but I know there are always things I can work on, and I guess becoming a better teacher starts with trying new ideas and strategies and improving upon the past-and here it has begun! I'm still trying to figure it out day by day!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Week 4-Take 5 #2

I was thinking...imagine that! Anywho, doesn't constructivist theory kind of contradict state mandates and tests? If we want kids to create their own learning, aren't we going outside (or selling them short) of what they are expected to know,even if they are the one's ultimately deciding what that is? Does that make sense? I still think you can follow curriculum, but I can see this theory as conflicting with certain entities for student performance(i.e tests) or what the state wants students to learn. Is testing just another facet that gets in the way of this kind of learning? If I confused anyone, then great!

Week 4-Take 5 #1

I am going to start blogging with my American Literature class here soon on Friday, and I'll admit, I am nervous to how it will turn out. I think the students are excited to go beyond the realm of the classroom. I did let them know that I am new to this process and that we would all be learning together-they understand. So here I am, totally vulnerable to the tech gods, and I am stepping outside my comfort zone to try something new. Here I go...I'll let you know how it goes.