Friday, November 04, 2005

Week 5-Take 5 #1

The class is blogging! It's funny though, some kids are excited about it, others aren't-I had one student comment that he thought this was "girly". I'm not sure what that means, but I hope they see later how this could be useful and that tech integration is something new and could benefit their thoughts and skills in the long run. I think some of them beleive it's torture and I am trying to punish them. However, it's Friday-sometimes school is just not cool! But, I think it went more smoothly than I had anticipated, even though they were chatty. Their responses to my prompt (which was about how the class ahd been going) was an eye opener, yet made me feel good. Majority of it was positive, but I know there are always things I can work on, and I guess becoming a better teacher starts with trying new ideas and strategies and improving upon the past-and here it has begun! I'm still trying to figure it out day by day!


Blogger Karl Fisch said...

I would follow up with the "girly" student and ask him - I'm assuming it was a him - why he said that. Ask him why asking for his honest opinion on something is "girly" - does he think his opinion doesn't matter?

1:30 PM  
Blogger Ms. Kakos said...

I think it's great that our kids are helping us pioneer this. They get excited when I tell them that I'm trying something with them that I've never tried before. I emphasize that I need their help and I value their feedback, and they seem somewhat excited about being a part of this process. Of course, I've only tried this with my honors classes so far...I wonder if the reaction will be different with my regular classes.

9:54 AM  

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