Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Week 2-Take 5-#2

I will be honest from the get-go and say this post will be brief-but I am currently finishing up a boys and literacy class and the inforamtion talks a lot about what we as teachers an do to help in the classroom. They talk about authentic assessments frequently,and lately, I have started to ask myself if my assignments create authentic learning? Can students individually pull out meaning that is beneficial to them? I don't ever give an assignment without purpose. I have to give them rationale, otherwise it's busy work-and I HATE busy work. Sometimes we just do things to do it and fill some time; but I'm beginning to realize that everything I do in the class directly affects what my students take away (obviously)and I'm excited to learn new strategies to help me toward that constructivist approach.


Blogger Davis said...

Very cool. I am also thinking about that authentic learning piece and realizing I need to verbalize what my rational is for what I do in class. It is exciting and at times very energizing. But for me today, it is a little exhausting as I just want my grades to be updated and my stack of papers to be smaller.

1:44 PM  
Blogger Wallace said...

Can constructivist learning be measured by testing? Or rather is it a lifelong way of looking at a problem and determining your own course of problem solving? Does "busy" work not have any relevance if it is achieving the longer term goal of student driven learning?

1:47 PM  
Blogger Ms. Kakos said...

I, too, have a personal mission to eradicate all "busy work" from my classroom. My students recognize instantly any work from their teachers that simply takes up time without purpose. One thing that I challenge my students to do on a regular basis is seek significance in each assignment and to ask themselves, rather than their teacher, "What is the point of this?"

5:21 PM  

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