Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The difficult questions

I had responded on one of the Fischbowl blogs about how I think it is amazing that wer are asking the difficult questions. I think it is courageous and enlightening that we can take on some of these topics and struggle with them individually. I guess, one of my big qualms as of new (and this may contribute to me having a bad day)is that there aren't always answers. To me that's okay. I try to teach my students that actively thinking and enagaing in the thinking process and asking questions is sometimes more beneficial than the final content or product. I tell them that not every question has an answer and that we must struggle with new ideas and various perspectives to increase dialogue. I tell them that it leads to problem solving and further propells their thinking in a whole new light; as hard is this, the answer is not always balck and white. I find my self struggling with sooo much gray since I've been involved with this cohort and I'm finding it hard that there are questions that aren't answered. But, I think it's okay. It makes me better, and i have shared my frustrations with students and teachers alike.


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